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ABOUT Me The person and the passion behind the company.

Yolanda Barber

Years ago, I set out to unravel the mystery of why some literary works land on one or more of the coveted best list. Whether the listing was a New York Time Bestseller, an Oprah pick, or a Betty Booker favorite, did not matter. I needed to understand why. On this journey, I devoured every tip, blog, book, class, workshop, author interview, in the pursuit of understanding this craft. Over time, much of that knowledge crept into my critiques and saturated the pages in a way I did not expect. When my critique partners decided they wanted to pay me for something I'm addicted to, and my former classmates anxiously awaited my critiques, I knew I was on to something. It is from that revelation Write Time Write Place became a reality. I've hit the ground running with a purpose and a passion. Now I'm a freelance editor, committed to literary excellence. 

IT Professional



Pace University is my alma mater, from which I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. I proudly boast a twenty three year career at Verizon Communication where I was an IT Project Manager.  Areas of expertise include Quality Assurance, Process Reeingineering and Release Management.

An entrepreneur at heart my business endeavors to date include Yolanda's Boutique/Personal Shopping Service and Custom Window Treatments by Yoli.  It is with immense pride I add Write Time Write Place to that list. Hold a mirror to my business ventures in the reflection will be all of my passions, fashion, design, and literature. Also in that mirror is a big Hershey's Kiss. I wonder what decadent business venture the future holds for my lifelong obsession with chocolate.




Despite my love of fashion and interior design, I've always been a book worm. My first essay made the coveted best list of P.S 197 and landed in a New York City Public Library showcase. Ginnie and Her Juniors by Catherine Woolley was the first chapter book I read. Wooley  awakened plots I'm convinced had always laid dormant in my DNA and inspired my first book Jenny's Clubhouse. With minimal coercion, I landed a publisher.  My mother copied, stapled and distributed my masterpiece to everyone we knew. Wouldn't it be wonderful if promising mom to wash the dishes for a month, were all it took to produce a great book?

Fast forward decades later and I'm still digging into this writing craft mystery. What I have learned is to read all genres, all eras, all qualities of work. Read, dissect, analyze. Read, dissect, analyze. Repeat this cycle enough and one day when the good stuff starts to seep out your pores, and saturate the pages, you'll notice the hard work has delivered a payoff.

“Write Time Write Place is just me. A passionate professional who seeks daily to improve her understanding of the writing craft.  I can't wait to delve into your manuscript. So what are you waiting for, let's meet." 

Yolanda Barber, Freelance Editor

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